Taylor Swift Announces 2020 Lover Fest Tour Date

Taylor Swift

In today's time, Taylor Swift's songs settle in people's hearts. After Taylor Swift released her new album Lovers, Taylor Swift fans knew that a tour announcement would eventually come - and now we know when she's hitting the road to promote this new record!

Taylor Swift has earned a good name at the age of 29 and is very famous for her songs inside the US as well as all over the world. To sing Taylor Swift's songs in the hearts of people ready to rock the road!

The singer announced her latest tour (sort of) on September 17, and fans are already finding out about getting tickets for the upcoming show. The announcement revealed that Taylor will promote her new album Lovers during 2020 to international festival dates in Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, France, Portugal and Brazil. Then, there will be two festivals that he himself created - Lover Fest West and Lovers Fest East - in the United States (Los Angeles, CA and Foxboro, MA).

Taylor Swift's last tour which took place in 2018, we are eagerly waiting. He covered both from America to Canada to Brazil to Europe, but also to Japan.taylor swift's new song lovers are it is becoming a big hit, it is written by Taylor swift