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Google Pixel 4
Pixel 4
So today in this will talk about the Pixel 4 Leaks, if we do Camera king of the smartphone in the industry Pixel phone manufactured by Google, Pixel phone No any doubt Pixel devices they have come great Camera features like nightlight photography also the time-lapse mode etc. right now the upcoming Pixel 4 Leaked Which has recently been leaked.

This is the first time in history since a company has leaked its own device itself, Google's Next Pixel Device Pixel 4, Google which recently got posted to itself leaked by posting a photo on top of its Twitter handle,


Google Pixel 4 Leaks

Pixel 4 Leaks
Image Credit: Google
Google Pixel 4 has become a smartphone in a lot of discussions. You guys know that it has some features about pixel phones? which makes it a lot of discussions, its special camera, which makes everyone crazy, even the smartphone that goes to the camera, Apple's iPhone It beat

Verizon Marketing Calendar

Looking at Verizon Marketing Calendar, it is estimated that how long it takes to bring Google Pixel phone every year, it is believed that pixels can be launched on October 4, which will be launched in the first week. Could.

Source: XDA-Developers

Google Pixel 4 Camera 

Pixel 4 Camera
Image Credits: Elias Adams/Twitter
If we do talk about recently leaked pixel 4 camera Block it's Looks similar to the Upcoming iPhone 11 recently leaked Inspired by the square camera block Huawei Mate P20 Pro, Pixel 4  comes with triple lens camera setup. First main and we expect second sensor which we can find in pixel 4 ultra wide angle lens. And according to the previous leak we can expect telephoto lens and The bigger debate over the Google pixel 4 camera., wht do you think abot Google pixel 4 Camera? comments down below.

If we talk about pixel 4 comes with dual selfie camera out of the box Punch hole display, the looks similar to the galaxy s10+

Pixel 4 Specs

Pixel 4 Specs
Image Credits: Phone designer

Today guys we when talk pixel 4 one thing in a mind pixel phones comes with massive specs and Great out of the box Google Camera No any doubt flagship lineup smartphone pixel and pixel 4 XL arrive with the latest chipset made by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. It’s SoC 855 Chipset Based on the 7nm architecture and Now 2019 most of flagship Android smartphone very common chip SoC 855.

 As well after reading massive article hey Reeder I’m asking you? if planing buy an upcoming Google pixel 4 and 4 XL flagship? without for the delay Let us know in the comments below.

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